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Golf is a game of great passion. Swingtime Golf Magazine has an embedded passion for the game of golf, golf development, women & children in golf and the influence of business and businesses in the golfing world. Swingtime Golf Magazine is a golfing magazine, with a difference, which focuses on all aspects relating to golf, either directly or indirectly and make for good reading for all in the family.
Swingtime magazine
The Swingtime magazine concept derived from The Group CEO personal involvement with golf. Through playing the game, networking within the industry and talking to many people associated with the game, he realized that there was a great need for a golf publication that served the wider interest of golf, like the role golf plays in business and the role business plays in golf. The interest of women and the youth also seems to be ignored to a large scale by the existing magazines as does lifestyle issues and general topics of interest. Golf development and the development of up and coming golfers is another area of neglect in terms of information and progress reporting, particularly in the disadvantaged communities. Through further networking and research, it has also been identified that there is a great lack of awareness amongst Mauritians of the huge potential which exists amongst our younger generation and women in golf particularly as these are the fastest growing sectors in the game on a worldwide basis. The above issues gave rise to the idea of publishing a golf magazine with a difference: The role that golf plays in business and business can and could further play in golf, the development aspects of golf, woman, the youth and other topical subjects on golf therefore saw the birth of a new publishing company, i.e. Swingtime Media (Pty) Ltd. The magazine will be multi faceted, informative and authoritive over a wide range of topics. It at the same time will address the whole golfing family - dad, mom and child.
While the value of golf has long been recognized as a valuable networking tool in business, the value of golf in the creation of business opportunities and as a supreme media and PR tool has not been practically exploited to its vast potential. To this end, a section of the magazine is devoted to business in golf, where the involvement of great Mauritian business people in golf will be discussed as well as the role of golf in business.

Golf in Mauritius is an untapped mine of talented, yet neglected golfers. At Swingtime Golf Magazine we are focused on drawing attention to these potentially great golfers by raising the awareness of the incredible golfing talent that exists within Mauririus. This gives rise to an opportunity to business to "adopt a golfer". Such a golfer will be attached to the participating company via a sponsorship to further develop the player over a period of time. The progress of the player will be chronicled in the magazine. There are a limited number of opportunities in order to best expose the sponsor and player on a regular basis. Additional exposure could be gained through magazine advertising and our group sponsored E TV program running during the Early Edition session each Wednesday morning.

Golf is also increasingly becoming a sport that appeals to the entire family, due to the growth in the markets of female and youth golf, and we are therefore reaching out across the gender and age divide to inform, entertain and educate. We also look to fill in the gaps in Mauritius 's golf history by telling the stories of the legendary golfers that have added to this wonderful tapestry. Many of these players are black players who missed out on due recognition in the past.

While our aim is to produce an entertaining, informative and educational magazine, we believe that by adopting this all-inclusive wide-focused approach we can effectively promote the cause of golf development at all levels while appealing to a wide range of readers

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