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Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 11
Issue 14 - view flash

“Patience is sometimes Bitter, but the Fruit is always Sweet”

I COULD NOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT AS WE WERE ABOUT TO TEE OFF FROM THE 1ST TEE AT Club de Golf Valderrama, located in Andalucia, Spain. This was the beginning of a long awaited, and indeed, a well deserved opportunity in becoming a reality.

As an amateur golfer, PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCE is much owed to the sport of golf as it has taught me to persevere. The accomplishment for one of the major goals that was anticipated was to take place sometime in 2011... ACHIEVING RECIPROCITY AND PARTNERING WITH THE TWO OF THE LEADING GOLFING COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD, SPAIN AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

It has now been confirmed that Swingtime will participate in reciprocation with 4 Amateur Golf Events in Spain, 2 Amateur Golf events in Switzerland and 2 Amateur Golf events in Orange County, USA for 2011.

Swingtime adopted golfers will now be afforded the opportunity to train at the Core Academy programmes Orange County National. Indeed, this will afford our young amateur golfersa priceless opportunity for their golfing future (See pages 46 & 47).

I extend my gratitude to Louis Foong (Founder and CEO of The AlEA Group Canada) (Tom Jackson Owner of Core Academy), Alan W Findlay (General manager of  Champions Gate Golf) , Jim Macarthy (Director of My Florida International Realtors) for receiving and affording me your time.

In the coming months Swingtime Golf will be in a position to participate in conjunction with academies in Europe, North America, Central America to enable their Adopted Golfers to prepare for the 2016 Olympics thus affording them to participate in tournaments in various countries around the world. The exposure for Mauritius and the surrounding Indian Ocean Islands will be vast and certainly open to other golfing destinations.

Now that Swingtime Golf has paved the way for Mauritian Golfers, I urge and invite all our loyal sponsors in Mauritius, to continue to participate and support our young golfing amateurs.

For the sponsors, Swingtime Golf provides not only traditional sponsorship opportunities, but also a variety of unique and creative sponsorship models that provide market saturation never seen before in the industry. In fact, companies who have previously found branding opportunities through sponsorships cost prohibitive can now affordably to add it as an effective piece to their marketing arsenal.

What makes Swingtime Golf exceptionally different is an integrated approach to preparing the player and sponsors for success, thus creating an integrated approach providing a win-win situation for everyone involved.

To our readers, sponsors and the Swingtime team, let us continue to SWING!

Alan Duval


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 11
Issue 13 - view flash

“A goal properly set is halfway reached”. Therefore, if you can DREAM IT… YOU CAN DO IT

Never lose sight of the fact that this whole thing was started by a MOUSE (Walt Disney)

2010 is drawing to a close, and indeed it has been a bumper year for Swingtime Golf, Market Info Direct and all those who have participated to make this an astounding success. Not only have we achieved the goals that were planned and set for 2010, but we exceeded our expectations beyond comprehension.

Thank you to all our sponsors, golfers, investors, Golf Director Steeven Shearer and all his staff and shareholders of Golf du Château Golf Estate, for opening up your facilities to the Swingtime Adopt-a-Golfer Program, the Mauritius Golf Federation for affording us the privilege for accommodating a meeting with the Swingtime team, to discuss forthcoming events and an opportunity to share in our reciprocated goals for 2011. To the team at Market Info Direct and Swingtime Golf a very special thank you for all your tireless efforts and loyalty. Last but not least, I thank my wife Michelle and my son Levi, for all the sacrifi ce that you have afforded me and belief in my vision. Without you, this could not have been done.

Our last publication featured our 2nd Anniversary that highlighted all the events hosted from the inception of the publication to October 2010 and featured all the events that Swingtime has achieved in Mauritius and abroad. This initiative has given rise to me thinking about the success of Walt Disney’s empire.

The seed for most people’s dreams naturally springs from their everyday experience. If you have not yet identifi ed your dream, just keep your eyes and ears open, listen to your heart and be open to every possibility. Therefore, let us together join hands in our plight to make Mauritius become one of the leading golfi ng destinations in the world and truly embark on a journey to ensure that our Mauritian golfers make their debut in the forthcoming 2016 Olympics.

LET’S SWING IN 2011!!!

February to April 2011: Swingtime Golf League
May 2011: The 3rd Swingtime Corporate Golf Challenge 2011
June 2011: The 2nd Bern Golf Trophy, Bern Switzerland
June to August 2011: Swingtime Golf League
September 2011: The 2nd Swingtime Adopt-A-Golfer ProAm 2011
September 2011: Golf in Barcelona
October to November 2011: Swingtime Golf League
October 2011: International Golf Event
November 2011: International Golf Event
December 2011: The Swingtime Indian Ocean Challenge Trophy

A 2011 Special Blessing for all our Readers, Partners, Sponsors and Fellow Golfers around the world:

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun warm upon your face
May the rains fall soft upon our fi elds
And, until we meet again…
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Have a Blessed Christmas and Prosperous 2011.

Let’s Play!

Alan Duval


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 11
Issue 12 - view flash

“You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a fi ner spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand." - Woodrow Wilson

2 years ago Swingtime: The Business of Golf Magazine was born. There were many who said that it could not be done and even a few more who said that it should not be done. It is with a sense of great pride to refl ect on how through our fair share of trials and tribulations we have not only succeeded our humble aims and ambitions, but also gone from strength to strength. Forged in a baptism of fi re we have emerged victorious through the many accomplishments achieved in a 2 short years. The first Mauritian Business and Golf magazine, encapsulated in a vision of innovation and courage, boldly stepped on to a world stage, showcasing the very best Mauritius has to offer. From the paradise it is, to the varied business investments opportunities we took it all to the business leaders and captains of industry of the globe.

Swingtime Events and Tournaments have always sought to enhance the history enhance the history and heritage of golf in Mauritius, the 3rd country in the world where golf was played. Our homage to this legacy has been realised in the Swingtime Mauritius Golf Open (2009) at the historical Gymkhana Golf Club. Through our recognition of the integral role golf plays in business world over, we have showcased Mauritius through the dynamic innovation of the Swingtime Corporate Golf Challenge (2009 and 2010), which has become one of the most exclusive and sought after corporate golf events internationally. Ever mindful of our belief that the ethics, attributes and benefi ts of the sport of golf should be accessed and enjoyed by all, and our drive to dispel its elitist status, Swingtime initiated the Swingtime Adopt-A-Golfer Program. Designed to develop and fast track the careers and talent of local Mauritian disadvantaged youth, this never before seen training program is yielding remarkable results. Their talents and development will be showcased at the Swingtime Adopt-A-Golfer Pro Am 30th October this year. We commend their achievements by winning the 1st Bern Golf Trophy, presented by Swiss Invest Group in Bern; Switzerland in June.

To further democratise golf, Swingtime presented a golf day at the Beau Bassin Municipality Family day, creating the opportunity for disadvantaged children to experience swinging a golf club for the very fi rst time. Spurred on by the enthusiasm and sheer joy golf imparts, Swingtime presented a Golf Initiation day to the students of the University of Mauritius during their Sports Week, the very fi rst time that the sport of golf was represented.

To further reach the people of Mauritius, Swingtime launched the “Swingtime Golf Show” where “We talk the Business of Golf” and the “Swingtime Adopt-A-Golfer Golf Tips Show” (February 2010). Both shows would not only open up the world of golf, but also introduce the mechanics of the sport into homes every Tuesday and Friday night for 32 weeks.

Through the recognition and valued response by readers worldwide after 2 years, we are excited to present the launch of the forthcoming “SWINGTIME GOLF TRAVEL” magazine, another 1st for Mauritius. Once again, another innovative product presenting 1 SWING, 1 JOURNEY, YOUR WORLD. This dynamic and pioneering publication heralds our arrival into Switzerland, Spain, Singapore and India. Join us as we promote golf worldwide.

It is with the deepest appreciation that I thank all who have supported us so loyally during the past 2 years. From our generous sponsors, our advertisers, clients, business partners, Personalities who have featured in our magazine, guests who have participated on the show (locally and internationally), our success and achievements would not have been possible without your input. A special mention of thanks for the ongoing commitment to Swingtime by Yasmine Abdoolah (Air Mauritius); Sebastian Denton (ADAMAS); René and Florence Luron (Emotions Golf); Anaud Godère and Jay Raj Ittoo (Mauritius Post) and Steeven Shearer (Golf du Château).

To Ruth Linder (Ruth Linder Peter Foundation) and V. T. Rajah (Swingtime Global Board Chairman), your belief in us is invaluable and deeply appreciated, thank you.

To my staff, Rob Greeff, Dhinesh Rai Kallee, Joyce Lee, Billy Narraina, Gilbert Le Chartier, Annie Woo, Patrice Saramandif, Ourmila Sibcharan and Vega Murden we can indeed proudly celebrate 2 Years of Swingtime, thank you!

Let’s Play!

Alan Duval


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 11
Issue 11 - view flash

The 2nd Swingtime Corporate Golf Challenge 2010 has been an overwhelming success. I pay gratitude to the employees of Swingtime Golf, Market Info Direct and to the Sponsors: Skyprops Finance Services and Asset Management, the Ruth Linder Peter Foundation, Constance Belle Mare Plage, The Grand Mauritian, Le Méridien, Emotions Golf Events, Labourdonnais and Le Suffren Hotels, Adamas, Air Mauritius and Bonny Air Travel. Acknowledgement of gratitude to all the staff of Belle Mare Plage Hotel, The Links and Legend. The courses were indeed, a pleasure to play on.

Congratulations to the winners: Luc Bax de Keating and Jeremy Alan Mamet from team S.C.E.T.I.A. in 1st place, 1st Runner up P. Cachia and P. Licari from team Golf Bassin Bleu (Reunion) and 2nd Runner up Salim Rojoa and Deepak Ramessur from team Subra Consult. To our adopted golfers Mourad Bundhoo, Ridwan Purdassy, Jayesh Choony and Vicky Panoo, congratulations for their outstanding participation and performance in the Corporate Challenge. A “special thanks” to our visitors and the players from Reunion Island: P. Cachia, P. Licari, Jean Marie Houarau, Daniel Dijoux, Arnaud Garcin, Désiré Hou Hen Pen, M. Terry, Jean Jacques Paquet, Pierre Navaux, G. Gelly, Michel Deshayes, Alain Boyer, K. Bellon and P. Naslot. We look forward to their participation next year.

Ever mindful of the disadvantaged, Swingtime raffled off a fantastic set of golf clubs at the Prize Giving Gala, with the proceeds presented to the SOS Children’s Village Mauritius, a private non-governmental organization operating in the childcare sector and offering both residential care and outreach services to support the neediest of children. Swingtime strongly believes in the upliftment, development and support of the disadvantaged in realizing their potential.

Generosity overpowers greed!

“We cannot oppress an individual; we can only oppress a society! And society is always rescued by an individual. Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King… it goes on and on”. (Bryce Courtenay)

All-time GREAT South African-born GOLFER, Papwa Sewgolam, defi ed oppression by his oppressors after winning the Dutch Open in 1959, and then went on to defeat Gary Player in the Natal Open in 1963.

He received his award in the pouring rain, OUTSIDE the Durban Country Club, as Papwa was racially discriminated against by the apartheid era that existed in South Africa. Not only has Papwa prevailed to open up the sport to all, he has truly made history through all his trials and tribulations for all the right reasons: Passion, Courage, Perseverance and Loyalty. An Icon that we can ALL learn from!

In true comradeship for the sport of golf, let us together make a pact: if One can make a DIFFERENCE; IMAGINE WHAT WE ALL CAN DO!

The result deriving from the 2nd Swingtime Golf Corporate Challenge says it all!

We have superseded last year’s participation of Sponsors and Players by some sixty percent. Prizes, awards and donations to Charity were also provided in abundance.

The overwhelming result certainly affords Swingtime Golf to participate in a few more golf events, both locally and abroad. The Swingtime Golf T.V. Show is at its 15th episode and will be supported by a prized magazine that is poised to be launched in September 2010.

Expansion into Switzerland and neighbouring cold countries is imminent, and our first “The Swingtime Golf Initiatives Investment” has been designed to attract and promote Golf Tourism, Golf Events and Corporate Golf Investment for Mauritius and the Indian Ocean Islands.

  • Swingtime booking offi ce will be completed and fully operational in Switzerland by November 2010.

  • An exciting magazine concept showcasing international golf venues, golf related holiday destinations and golf property investment opportunities.

  • Preparations are in full swing to host the Swingtime Adopt-A-Golfer Pro-Am Championship in November 2011. (This event is a MUST. Watch for details in our forthcoming edition).

Indeed, we are fortunate and blessed to have generous, loyal partners and sponsors who have made these initiatives a reality, through their loyalty and passion for Sport of Golf world over. It takes compromise to make real progress.

The sport of Golf is an institution that requires its members to work together to achieve ultimate success. It is rare that one person alone can achieve the major things that are possible when many of us work together.

We have always been a nation of multicultural descendents; therefore, let our heritage and culture show-case to the rest of the golfi ng world that together, we are charged and ready to take our rightful place in the true spirit of the sport.

A thought in closing:

Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose. Like life, golf can be humbling. However, little good comes from brooding over mistakes we’ve made. The next shot, in golf, or in life, is the BIG ONE!

Let’s Play!

Alan Duval


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 10
Issue 10 - view flash

There are forces that exert their influence on our lives driving us to greatness. Golf specifically, creates an all encompassing passion that permeates every aspect of the golfer’s life. The fi rst taste of the intensity of feeling that golf evokes is powerful. There exists a shining light at the intersection of the mind and the heart, and golf is that blazing light.

Golf, like life is all about moving forward. From the first swing, there is no going back. Complete focus and commitment are the building blocks of a successful round, and this is also evident when applied to achieving goals, be they personal or professional. Golf in its unique and indomitable way carries within it the very essence of overcoming adversity and perseverance. The fuel for rising up to meet the challenges that golf and life present is passion. From those who were initially limited by their physicality through birth or accidents, to those emotionally and psychologically tested by circumstances, the depth of passion that golf institutes is potent and powerful, and they have not only overcome their adversity, but have transcended them to the highest peak of greatness. I have seen golfers who have inculcated the true essence of the philosophies and ethics golf instils reach deep within them and act with unfailing courage and their experiences are a true testimony to the power of golf.

Do we apply the same exhilaration and passion we feel on the golf course to the rest of our lives? It is clear that we approach the various aspects of golf, particularly the ones we don’t necessarily like with a determined single-mindedness that surely, issues our own lives can also derive the benefi t of. Are we as brave in life as we are on the golf course? Do we show the same passion for the needy? Golf holds up the mirror to these questions. What is refl ected is determined by us.

I would like to acknowledge and express gratitude to the sponsors of The 2nd Swingtime Corporate Challenge 2010: Skyprops Finance Services, The Ruth Linder Peter Foundation, Constance Belle Mare Plage, The Grand Mauritian, The Labourdonnais and The Le Suffren, Adamas, Subraconsult, Emotions Golf Events, Air Mauritius, Bonny Air and Market Info Direct (Mtius).

I would also like to welcome our guests from Switzerland: Ms. Ruth Linder, Ms. Maria Komorowski, Mr. Stephan Keller and Mrs. Carmen Keller, Mr. Gilbert Schöni and Mrs. Helena Schöni. I value your presence and am pleased you could join us.

For the love of the game

Alan Duval


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 9
Issue 9 - view flash


I am honoured and proud to announce that Swingtime Golf and the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation has consummated the FIRST GOLF T.V. CHAT SHOW in Mauritius, an insightful perspective into the golfing industry and sport, creating a platform for discourse and constructive criticism to take golf in Mauritius to new untold dimensions and promote the country as a whole... refer to page 16-19

Further to the show we have the Adopt a Golfer programme a 5 min retro of golfing tips, for existing golfers and new-comers, for development and preparation of their game.

I extend acknowledgement of gratitude to MBC, Director General of MBC: Mr. Dhanjay Callikan and Head of Sports News: Mr. Jug Gokhool, for your tireless and persistent support, to all the staff of Swingtime Golf, Market Info Direct, and the group’s incoming Sponsors and golf associates; Ruth Linder, Switzerland, Christa Wolf(UK) Skyprops Finance Services LLC, (USA) The Linn Connell Foundation (USA) Jukke Leinonen Claudia Passerini, Finland Mala, Rajah & their son (Rajah Junior) United Kingdom, I appreciate your long standing support and friendship.


In the Bible parable,“Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone” incident is one of the most well-known lessons.

A woman, who had been caught in the act of adultery, was brought to Jesus Christ by the scribes and Pharisees as a test to see if the Messiah was a liberal in matters of the Law of God. In response to their deceitful query, He did not condemn the woman, not because He was a liberal, nor because He condoned her sin, but because the men who brought the woman to Him were Hypocrites. He was the only person there that day who was free of sin, the only one who had the right to “cast the first stone.” He did not stone her (or her accusers), but instead forgave her and told her to “sin no more.” For the day is coming when, if she did not thereafter repent, would not be stoned, but would burn - along with the hypocrites who brought her to Him that day.

The world’s Golf Megastar Icon, Tiger Woods, is on the mend.

Like the true champion that he is, he will endure all the trials and tribulations that await him!

He surprised the golf world by saying that he was not sure when he would come back to the sport. “I do plan to return to golf one day; I just don’t know when that day will be.”

Indeed, whilst the world looks forward to the day that Tiger returns to the sport of Golf, let us not forget that he would have paid the price to ATTAIN his successes and Blessings.

For the “love of the game”, let us, together, support this true champion in his plight, to recover and to be re-united with his beloved family.

Alan Duval


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 8
Issue 8 - view flash

Swing for the thought

"For better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though chequered with failure, than to rank with those poor spirits, who neither enjoy much, nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat" - Theodore Roosevelt.

Swinging into 2010 and Beyond

Our slogan, "If One of us can make a Difference... just think of what we can do Together," has certainly olf s proved of Gsuccessful, by pioneering platforms for our sponsors, readers and our very own Mauritian Adopted Golfers.

We will look back upon 2009, as the beginning for the development in the Corporate Sport of Golf in Mauritius. Supported by accredited sponsors, Swingtime achieved the platform to initiate various events and programs. The significant highlights were:

  • Publishing the 1st The Swingtime Golf Magazine in Mauritius (The Business of Golf)

  • The 1st Swingtime Corporate Challenge (10 year Commitment l to this tournament)

  • The Adopt-A-Golfer Program (Social Responsibility in Education and Life Ethics)

  • The Mauritian Open (Gymkhana 5 · The year Sponsorship Commitment to this tournament)

  • Expansion into emerging countries: India, Russia, Bulgaria and the Indian Ocean Countries. (Procurement and establishment of Swingtime Marketing and Sales Offices)

Grateful acknowledgement is made to Aircel PGTI, Director of PGTI, Mr. Uttum Singh Mundy, Uday Marwah, Director of Uday Tours & Travel Ltd, Mr. Arjun Chakraborthy ­ Swingtime India Team Member, JP Greens India, New Delhi Golf Club, Air Mauritius, Skyprops Finance LLC and Mr. Steven Shearer (Golf Director of Golf Du Chateau) for welcoming us to discuss about the Adopt-A-Golfer program.

Swingtime, together with their partners are poised and charged to promote the "Business of Golf" for Mauritius in 2010 and beyond!

Our CAMPAIGN Corporate Golf in Mauritius 2010 & Beyond, commenced in the 2nd week of January 2010. Five countries that are to be visited by ambassadors of the Swingtime Team are Zurich, Germany, Spain, India, and the Indian Ocean Islands. They will be supported simultaneously by a special sales and marketing team from Market Info Direct (Mauritius).

Their mission is to participate in a 3 day Corporate Golf Road Show in each country during the latter part of March 2010, presenting a full scale golfing package starting with The 2nd Swingtime Corporate Golf Challenge, in May, The Mauritian Open, in November, and the 1st Adopt A Golfer Amateur Open in March 2011.

In addition, Swingtime has procured 2 more medium term Sponsors to assist in the Student Golf Exchange Program that will also promote reciprocation with emerging countries like India, Malaysia, China and Russia.

This is a SPECIAL time for Mauritius to seize this opportunity from both Government and the private sectors to claim its rightful place in the sport of Golf, thus producing future champions in the years to come and will undoubtedly see the inclusion of their participation in the Olympics and many tournaments to come.

In conclusion, Future SUCCESSES must be based on wide participation, and I call on all Golfers, Golf Directors and Managers Corporate and the Honorary Government of Mauritius to support this initiative at their highest priority.

Watch this space for Swingtime "Breaking News" in our next edition.

Alan Duval


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 7
Issue 7 - view flash


Swingtime has rounded off this year by being afforded the opportunity to sponsor the Legendary Mauritius Open. Acknowledgement goes to the Golf Federation of Mauritius, The Minister of Sport, The Captain and Staff of Gymkhana Golf Club, Our sponsors, Benz & Partners, Adamas Mauritian Broadcasting Corporation, The Mauritius Post, Belle Mare Plage Constance, Le Touessrok, Air Mauritius AND ALL THE 160 PARTICIPANTS like Mr. Dass Thomas of Mauritius Telecom, Ashok Rughooputh – Representative of Shell. Congratulations on the winners and Runners up. (see results on page 22)

Market Info Direct (M.I.D.) is now charged and will continue to ensure that The Mauritian Open shall afford players world over a true and balanced competition that they can look forward to for the next 4 years.

About Teeing Up with the International LUXURY MARKET

Market Info Direct has initiated and further sponsored 9 potential Golfers for the next year; Ginger Delacrétaz, Ridwan Purdasy, Joyan Kan Wah, Mourad Bundhoo, Kumar Bistanauth, Adish Ramsaha, Elodie Li Chor, Nooraj Coonjal and Marie Michelle Azma. 2 of which were accredited and monitored by the officials of Swingtime and have their 1st opportunity to accompany Billy Narraina to Gurgaon, India, on the 06th December 2009.

The experience will indeed, provide them with an ambassadorial opportunity to represent Mauritius internationally, exposure for the initiative and most importantly for the Spirit of Golf. For it is truly these individuals who participate and sacrifice for the sport, that we are able to discover the true potential of Golfers who has the potential to proudly represent their country and therefore, contribute by passing on their God Given talent to others.

“Swing for the Show and bring home the Dough, Billy!”

The Swingtime Team wishes Billy Narainer all the best, and trust that he WILL make us proud

A Closing Thought.

“The Greatest Thing about Tomorrow is, “I will be better than I am today.” Tiger Woods

Until the next SWING, May you Always hit the Sweet Spot, and REMEMBER to play, “One Shot at a Time”.

I wish all our Readers a Joyous Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

For the Love and Spirit of the Game

Alan Duval


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 6
Issue 6 - view flash


I have often wondered why we spend on average 4 hours playing a round of 18 holes, if it only takes 3 minutes to swing the club, or play Golf. I came upon the answer in Darin Gee’s book, “The Seven Principals of Golf.”

An average of 90 shots including putts multiplying that by 2 seconds means: that during an average round of golf, you actually play golf for 180 seconds or 3 minutes. So if you are only swinging the club for 3 minutes, then what fills up the rest of the time?

Hopefully, you are having fun, taking in the scenery and enjoying the company of your playing partners. However, more than likely your mind is swarming with non-stop thoughts, judgmental, over- analysis and self-criticism of your performance. How often have you overloaded you mind with thoughts like, “What am I doing wrong”? , “Is my head still?’, “I need to keep my elbows in, and my wrists cocked, my grip strong, “This is embarrassing!”, or why can’t I hit it like I did yesterday?’ Other distractions may fill your mind. “This round is slow,” I better hurry up, people are waiting behind us,” My coach is watching,” or I just blew my entire score on that ONE hole!” “I’ve got so much to do at work,” I wonder what we’re going to eat for dinner,” I better not be late today, I should hurry up,” or I should be home with my kids.”

When you finally reach your ball and it’s your turn to hit, your mind is teeming with unwanted thoughts. Emptying your mind of all those thoughts is critical to hitting good shots. With a crowded and busy mind, it will not only be difficult, but virtually impossible.

Even Tiger Woods says the he doesn’t concentrate fully for four hours straight, but rather only when he needs to - right before or during, each and every shot.

Simply put, a golfer only needs to concentrate for a few seconds at a time. The key is to be able to achieve this level of concentration on command, and consistently for each and every shot. This is how players, at all levels succeed in this game: by playing one shot at a time.

Until the next SWING, May you always hit the sweet spot and remember to play it one shot at a time!

For the love of the game

Alan Duval


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 5
Issue 5 - view flash

The 1st Swingtime Corporate Golf Challenge 2009, shall, forever be a memorable event for every person that afforded their assistance, expertise, sponsorship, and time. Acknowledgement of gratitude and a THANK You to Dr Roy Chavrimootoo, president of the Mauritius Golf Federation, Yasmine Abdoollah from Air Mauritius, Mr Michel Prefumo, General Manager of FedEx Rennel ltd, Mr & Mrs Luron (Emotions Golf Events), Mr Sebastian Denton from Adamas, Matthew Machin (AcornsCapital and Eurocape) and last but not least Mr René Voser and Mr Gerhard Skwaric from Benz and Partners Assets Management.

A special thanks to Billy Narraina, for assisting and taking over the directorship at the 11th hour 2 weeks before the tournament. “A True Officer and Gentleman”.

Congratulations to the winners - Daryll Csizmadia, Roger de Chazal, Didier Peten and Gautthier Alessandri from Ernst and Young team. Enjoy the fruit of your hard labour for patience is sometimes “Bitter but the honey is always sweet”.

For the fellow golfers who missed out there will be an opportunity NEXT year. For the Fellow golfers who were not informed… Sincere apologies! We will make every effort through the support of The Mauritius Golf Federation and through every facility that we have available to ensure that we indeed make contact with you.

A very special message for Ye Golfers of Mauritius.
From: The honourable Shivas Irons (GOLF IN THE KINGDOM)
“Gowf is a place to practice fascination… our feelin’s, fantasies, thoughts and muscles. ALL MUST JOIN TO PLAY! In Gowf ye see the essence of what the world itself demands.... The game is a mighty teacher never deviatin, from its rools, always ready to lead us on… And I say to ye all my friends, that as ye grow in gowf , ye come to see the things ye learn in every other place… Ye’ll come away from the LINKS with a new hold on life, that is certain,if ye play the game with all your heart”.

The Swingtime “ADOPT A GOLFER” PROGRAMME, together with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Mauritius Golf Federation is charged to become a dynamic initiative for the up and coming future golfers of Mauritius.

Ever since famous golfer icon, Tiger Woods, exploded onto the international golfing scene, an unprecedented explosion of interest and participation for the sport has erupted among the youth, lady golfers and beginners world over. Woods’ success has given rise to his work with the Tiger Woods Foundation - an organization established in 1996 that has reached more than 10 million young people through educational and character development programs.

Swingtime Golf has the pleasure of presenting Ginger Delacrétaz, the first female Mauritian adopted golfer (amateur).

In FREEDOM and for the love of the GAME!!

Alan Duval


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 4
Issue 4 - view flash

Dear readers,

Are you engulfed in Gloom and Doom of financial crisis? Is the whole world swamped with uncertainty and anxiety? Are we condemned to suffer from this situation ad infinitum? Is it really a gloom and doom situation… or only opportunities to seize? These are some of the questions that we have been asking ourselves for some times… Is it not time to get rid of all these negativity surrounding the economic turmoil? So, why not embark NOW on a voyage in quest of novelty and positive challenge?

Swingtime Magazine in its fourth issue is proud to offer you a colourful bouquet of interesting articles that can only boost up your attitude. An extended interview of the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Economic Empowerment, Ramakrishna Sithanen gives you an outline of the encouraging measures that the Mauritian government is undertaking to alleviate the economic situation.

Innovation, that is what Swingtime magazine, pioneer of the 1st golf publication in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean is out to leave a trail. The SWINGTIME CORPORATE GOLF CHALLENGE – one of the most, if not the most prestigious golf event of the year - is candle light in obscurity, a breath of fresh air for the golf population. Benz and Partners, among the leaders in the asset management sector in Zurich grasped this opportunity to make things happened as preferred sponsor (See interview of Mr Gerhard Skwaric, one of the partners of Benz and Partners Company on page 43). Reserved to local and international corporate teams, the four days tournament will be held between 10-13 June 2009 – a unique golfing experience in three high class golf courses around the island i.e Le Touessrok Golf Club (Ranked 10th in the top 100 golf courses in the world by World Golf Magazine) and the Belle Mare Plage Golf Resorts (Legend and the Links courses).

Let our Experience be your Experience and JOIN US in this exciting journey!

Pascaline Alexandre


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 3
Issue 3 - view flash

Swingtime Mauritius welcomes you to the third edition of our magazine and invites you once more to discover the world of golf. In fact, the 08/09 special edition focuses on the major 2008 end of year events of golf tournaments around and outside Mauritius. And also provides you with an overview of the coming competition in the 2009 calendar.

You will discover in this present edition, the prestigious first championship 18 holes golf course, The Legends. Designed by Hugh Baiocchi, this high international standard golf course is a real parkland whereby fairways and doglegs are set in perfect harmony with the flora and fauna. Furthermore, you will get acquainted with some Mauritian golfers who accepted to share their unique experience with us.

Swingtime Magazine also gives opportunities to businessmen to voice out their opinions. This month’s focus is on two major sectors of the Mauritian economy namely the Mauritius Post and the Mauritius Ports Authority. You will be able to read an interesting interview of Arnaud Godère, chairman of the Mauritius Post who gives us an account about the challengers facing the post in the years to come. You will also discover the new Oil Jetty at Mer Rouge while at the same time having an outline of the increasing activities towards tourism of the Mauritius Ports Authority.

At the beginning of the 2009, Swingtime has a dream to bring forward golf as a sport and business in all its different features, while at the same time promoting Mauritius as a World Class Golf destination.  You are thus invited to embark for an unforgettable journey and allowed Swingtime’s team to make your dream comes true…
Let’s swing together. Happy New Year 2009!


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 2
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Dear readers,

Welcome to the 2nd issue of your new Golf Magazine, Swingtime Mauritius. This month was special for the whole team as an important event took place… The launch of the 1st Mauritian Golf Magazine of course! Swingtime Mauritius was introduced to the public and the press at the most historical club of the Southern Hemisphere, the Gymkhana Club, and we’ll show you the highlights.

In the previous issue we gave you a general introduction to the island of Mauritius and its top golf courses. We will now give you an in-depth review of each one. This month, we chose one of the most beautiful and toughest courses of the Indian Ocean, Le Touessrok Golf Course. We will also introduce you to the oldest golfer of the island, who has played with Bernhard Langer and Gary Player and has so many fascinating stories to tell. Of course, we will also be discussing business and investment opportunities in Mauritius and this month’s focus will be about the changes in today’s banking system. You will also discover our new monthly heading, Island Flavour which will give you a glimpse of all the other activities you can do in Mauritius besides golfing. Have your dream holidays come true with Halcyon Days…

Ladies golfers will not be left out with some golf tips for women as well as fashion. They will also be able, through our magazine, to follow the evolution of ladies’ golf on the island. Learn some more about Golf in South Africa and in Hawaii too… So sit back and relax and enjoy a nice moment in our company,

Gilles Sooben
Executive Managing Director


Swingtime "The Business of Golf" issue 1
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It is with great pleasure that we introduce the first golf magazine ever published in Mauritius and more so, distributed in 11 countries, both in English and French. It comes at a time where golf is growing in Mauritius to become a major tourism attraction as well as offering interesting scope for investment into golfing resorts and villas. Indeed, Mauritius has a lot to offer in terms of opportunities to the business world as well as in property development.

Our magazine will give you a better insight of the business of golf in Mauritius and South Africa, where this whole adventure started. It will also introduce this beautiful island and everything it has to offer to you. As I like to say, “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven…And that heaven was copied from Mauritius…”

The majority of the golfers around the world are not even aware that our little island possesses the oldest golf club in the southern hemisphere, the Gymkhana, which you will discover in this issue. Our readers will also find out more about Mauritius’ economic profile, business and investment opportunities, golfing tips, fashion and social responsibility... Flipping through the pages, read about South Africa’s retail giant Raymond Ackerman discussing golf and business. Take a turn on the green to meet the dynamic local Ladies Golf Union and there is a lot more to come.

Alan Duval

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