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The Adopt-a-Golfer initiative entails the sponsorship of an aspiring Pro golfer (preferably from the previously disadvantage group) for one year. Any person regardless of their sex, race or religion can be disadvantaged and can potentially be given the opportunity of a lifetime to showcase their talents to the world and get to their absolute pinnacle of their golfing career in a shorter space of time.

It is extremely difficult for young, skilled golf players to develop their golfing career due to monetary constraints and limited sponsorships. This INITIATIVE is to create the interest and support by businesses in golf and thereby creating the continuous development of golf.

We, at Swingtime Golf are challenging corporate companies to support the initiative by sponsoring and adopting a golfer who has the potential to be Mauritius's big star, for one year, professionally.

Why Adopt - A - Golfer
• Golf attracts major sponsorships and grants from companyies that realize the value of the sport in revenue generation and brand exposure.
• Golf reaches many markets for goods and services through formal and informal channels.
• Golf traditionally has been a conduit for business through informal networking and personal influence on and off the golf course.
• The sport of golf in itself is a huge market and one of the fastest growing.
• It is a relatively unexploited marketing tool in Mauritius.

Advantages to Corporates
• Social responsibility.
• Marketing platform for the company.
• Branding awareness.
• A complimentary advertorial in the Swingtime Magazine.

We will assist you with finding a golfer who displays good golfing skills and who is aspiring to become a professional golfer.

The sponsorships must be in line with SAGA rules and regulations.

For further information on how to get involved please contact the Editor of Swingtime Golf Magazine

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