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Swingtime is currently received by business leaders in 17 countries worldwide

  • USA

  • Canada

  • U.K.

  • Singapore

  • China

  • Australia

  • Japan

  • Dubai

  • New Zealand

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  • Mauritius

Worlwide distributionAs a game that originated from the bare essentials of a ball and stick, Golf is now a leading international sport and social activity. Swing Time Magazine encompasses all aspects of Golf as a sport and a gateway to international business and relations. As the first Golf magazine launched within Mauritius, Swing Time strives to provide readers with the most up to date and informative collaborative articles.

Swing Time is currently distributed in over 16 countries, all of which have prominent positions within the corporate world. Each month over 5000 copies are delivered directly to entrepreneurs, corporate managers and CEO’s . Distributed largely worldwide, Swing Time sheds light on the endless variety and beauty in which Mauritius is set. Mauritius is undoubtedly an up and coming contender of world renowned Golf destinations, with a continuous number of world class courses in development.

Monthly subscribers to Swing Time usually fall within the corporate and business world. Golf is often used as a tool to bridge the gap between business and social activities, providing players with a healthy and interactive outside meeting destination.

“Two golfers will hit it off immediately. I once went to Japan for business development as an employee of TCI. Our local representative in Tokyo took me to meet the owner of a large travel company, a rich man with many business interests. The plush office looked like a golfer’s den complete with memorabilia, pictures and a small putting patch. During our introduction, the local rep mentioned that I play golf. The first question the gentleman asked was ‘What’s your handicap?’ And after that for 20 minutes it was only golf. At last when we talked shop it was like friends discussing business.”

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