How does it work ?

A slick, clean hull at all times, with no need for haul-out.

Hulltimo Pro consists of an underwater robot plus a handheld control panel.

Due to its slightly positive buoyancy, the Hulltimo Pro hugs the hull using the suction generated by the rotation of the brushes under the machine.

The unit features four belt-driven wheels which provide excellent mobility on all types of surfacing. An on-board camera allows the operator to monitor the progress of the underwater cleaning operation.

There is no risk of damage to the hull. Debris is collected and filtered via a disposable bag built into the Hulltimo Pro.

Hulltimo Smart consists of a very low voltage brush unit and a set of five boom elements. It is controlled by the operator who moves it across the underwater surface to be cleaned.

Its self-attaching function allows it to effortlessly hug the hull. The Hulltimo Smart's two side wheels ensure optimal access to even in the most difficult-to-reach areas.

The robot's built-in disposable bag collects and filters the debris detached by the rotary brushes.