Hulltimo Smart

Hulltimo launches Hulltimo Smart, the first automatic brush for a fast in-water hull cleaning that had been designed for amateur yachtsman. Hulltimo Smart, the first automatic underwater hull cleaning brush for boat owners.

Gone are the days of scheduling haul-outs or diving operations, the Hulltimo Smart gives you the freedom to clean your hull efficiently and effortlessly, and conforms to the latest environmental standards.


Hulltimo Smart means having a clean hull whenever and wherever you want...

Hulltimo technology: Protected by several patents, the technology secures the robot to the hull of the boat owing to its rotary brush and suction system.

100% efficient and effortless cleaning, even in the most difficult-to-reach areas.

Easy brush handling: A set of straight and curved elements allows you to adapt the length and shape of the boom to your boat.

With Hulltimo's automatic positioning system, the brush is automatically drawn into the hull and remains there during the cleaning operation.

No risk of loss owing to neutral buoyancy, ensuring easy and effortless handling.

Hulltimo Smart included a complete set:

• 1 brush unit

• 5 ergonomic tubes (2 straight and 3 curved)

• Battery + charger

• Battery belt

• 3 disposable bags

• 3 carrying bags


What kind of boats ?

Type of boat: sailboat and motorboat.

Form of the hull: The robot is efficient on all types of hulls.

Environment: fresh water and salt water. The Hulltimo Smart should be rinsed after usage in salt water.

Antifouling: hard and semi-hard matrix.


Cleaning time: approx. 30 mins for a 15’ boat and 1 hour for a 34’ boat


20V Supply

Battery Li-Ion life: up to an hour

220V-110V chargers

Charging time: 2h

6 meters power cable

Overall weight: 7 kilos


Pole-tubes and additional battery

Detailed features:

Brush unit:

• Dimensions: 417.68 x 324 x 228.5 mm

• Weight: 5.7 kg


• 6m standard

• Weight: 2.6 kg


• Dimensions: 17 x 15 x 7 cm

• Weight: 700g

Filtration: 100┬Ám

Brush made of polyamide bristles (0.3 mm thick)


2 years manufacturer warranty on parts and labour on Hulltimo Smart (except battery).

Hulltimo Warranty:

The model must be purchased from an authorized dealer or directly from Hulltimo.

Warranty Terms:

• It covers all parts of the robot. Damage due to usage and natural disasters like earthquakes or floods is not covered.

• The warranty is valid only upon presentation of the warranty form.

• The warranty is valid only if it has been duly completed by an official Hulltimo distributor. We reserve the right not to be responsible for repairs under warranty if the product has been altered or damaged by anyone out of the Hulltimo network. We do not accept altered or tampered warranty certificates or photocopies of certificates of guarantee.

• This warranty does not remove any specific legal rights of the owner of the device.