Hulltimo Pro

Hulltimo proposes the first professional in-water hull cleaning robot for a slick hull all year round. The first professional robot for fast in-water hull cleaning. For sailing with a clean hull all of the year.

Designed so maintenance can be carried out from either the deck of the boat or the dock, the Hulltimo Pro robot is easy to transport, set up and operate. The innovative in-water maintenance solution proposed by Hulltimo complies with international regulations.


Hulltimo Technology: Protected by several patents, the technology secures the robot to the hull of the boat owing to its rotary brush and suction system.

Easy drive:

Remote control unit: Assisted by sensors built into the robot, the control unit makes it easy to use and guide the robot, and allows you to cover the entire hull.

Easy control:

Real-time monitoring of the cleaning operation is ensured by two on-board cameras at the front and rear of the robot, with lighting from two powerful LED spotlights.

Easy cleaning:

The user can change the position and tilt of the leading brush to ensure efficient hull cleaning, even in areas with difficult angles, such as the keel and the strakes. This function also enables optimal cleaning of the water line.

Hulltimo Pro includes a complete set:

1 transportation case with:

1 Hulltimo Pro robot

1 backpack for:

1 power and connection box

1 remote device

Weight and ballast kit

1 Operating manual


What kind of boats ?

Type of boat: sailboat and motorboat. It designed for cleaning 15-40’ boat.

Form of the hull: The robot is efficient on all types of hulls - e.g. V hull and U Hull.

Environment: fresh water and salt water. The Hulltimo Pro should be rinsed after usage in salt water.

Antifouling: hard and semi-hard matrix.


Hulltimo Pro:

• Dimensions: length: 47cm x width: 43cm x height: 33cm

• Weight: 20kg

• 2 brushes made of polyamide bristles (0.3 mm thick)

• A roller brush with polyamide bristles (0.3 mm thick)

• 2 PAL camcorders, providing a viewing angle of 150°

• 4 LED spotlight

• 1 filter bag

Ergonomic remote control:

• Tablet PC with a 7.7” screen, a built-in battery (6-hours battery life; 4-hours charge time)

• Additional battery for an extra 2 hours of battery life (3 hours to charge)

• Integrated controls: 8 buttons for functional and directional control of the robot

• Protective cover with lens hood


• Dimensions: 17 x 15 x 7 cm

• Weight: 700g

Power & communication box:

• Input voltage: 110-220 VAC

• Low-voltage (30 VDC) robot power

• Power: 450 W max

• Wireless communication between the robot and the remote control


2 years manufacturer warranty on parts and labour on Hulltimo Pro (except battery). A 1-year warranty applies to the Tablet PC integrated in the control panel

Hulltimo Warranty:

The model must be purchased from an authorized dealer or directly by Hulltimo Hulltimo society.

Warranty Terms:

• It covers all parts of the robot. Damage due to usage and natural disasters like earthquakes or floods is not covered.

• The warranty is valid only upon presentation of the warranty form.

• The warranty is valid only if it has been duly completed by an official Hulltimo distributor. We reserve the right not to be responsible for repairs under warranty if the product has been altered or damaged by anyone out of the Hulltimo network. We do not accept altered or tampered warranty certificates or photocopies of certificates of guarantee.

• This warranty does not remove any specific legal rights of the owner of the device.