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LeadEx JM612-IR Laser ROBO is a robust designed pan/tilt/zoom night-view camera system...


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Laser PTZ camera

JM612-IR Laser ROBO Camera

LeadEx JM612-IR Laser ROBO is a robust designed pan/tilt/zoom night-view camera system. Its body is machined from Aluminum Alloy or 316L# Stainless Steel, and Integrated with Day/Night IOP camera module, IR laser, central processing module, variable high-speed pan/tilt motor and enclosure.

With the unique 5 proofs (Water Proof/Vandal Proof/Bullet Proof/Corrosion Proof/Dust Proof) design, it can resist the rain & fog, stone & hammer, short gun bullet, seawater & chemical corrosion and coal-dust, and so on. The unique 360 degree continuous Pan and Tilt rotation system design offers true all-direction video surveillance.

With the unique built-in 4 PCs 808nm powerful Laser-IR illuminator, it has an excellent night-view performances. Under the “Zero-Lux” conditions, human target above 200 meters could be clearly detected. And models with wide view IR LED illuminators are also optional upon request.

As an option, the unit could be pressurized by filling N2 Nitrogen gas into the dome body. This could offer further protection for the inside components, especially ideal for installations of salty & other corrosive environments, such as seaports, ships and chemical plants.

Typical applications include: marine transportation, military foundation, perimeter protection, nuclear facility, oil refineries, rigs and offshore drilling platform, oil& gas station, chemical plants, embassies, airports, city surveillance, government and vehicles etc.

The body machined from (8mm~22mm) Aluminum alloy or 316#stainless steel, coupled with its unique sound and solid rugged dome body design, give the Robot 5 proofs:

• Vandal proof (Be resistant to the destructiveness of stones, bricks)
• Bullet proof (Be resistant to the impact from the normal explosion, short gun bullets)
• Water proof (Sealed to IP66 and NEMA 4X)
• Corrosion proof (The stainless steel body lasting long even exposed to acrid rain and seawater)
• Dust proof (Auto clean wiper system)

Features summary

• Integrated with Day/Night camera, IR laser, CPM, variable high-speed pan/tilt motor and enclosure
• The body machined from aluminum alloy or 316#stainless steel, rugged and 5 proofs
• Built-in 4 PCs IR laser for improvement of night view performances
• Laser ON/OFF by auto or manual control
• Unique DIP switch & hot-key design simplify system setup
• Unique wiper design makes clear image in rainy/foggy/dusty day
• Unique Firmware Online Upgrade flexible for customized requirement and maintenance
• Unique flat designed lens window from filmed and toughened optical glass offers distortion free image
• Auto/Manual calibration ensure accurate motor operation
• Wiper, heater & internal temperature control
• IP66/CE/FCC/RoHS compliance

Camera features

• Built-in Sony or Hitachi IOP camera module or HD camera
• Back light compensation on/off selectable
• Wide Dynamic range functions
• Optional 8 Privacy Masking Zone
• (Please see the camera parameters)

Wide range optional modules or functions available:

• IP module
• Video analytics module
• Optional DMD System
• Gyro stabilization system
• GPS interface and/or radar and digital compass interface(NM0183 protocol)
• Alarm box and water spray system
• HD High Definition CCD camera
• Frame Noise Reduction (FNR)

Laser features

• Laser IR illumination 8Watts @808nm
• Auto/manual laser ON/OFF

Pan/tilt features

• User definable 128 target presets, 8 preset tours, video frozen
• User definable auto-scan, random scan, scan speed
• Programmable Pattern & auto scan
• User definable power-up action and temperature control
• User definable pan left and right limit, proportional Pan speed
• RS-485 control, RS-232, RS-422 optional
• Compatible to PELCO P/D protocol and other customized protocol
• OSD password protection
• Surge & non-volatile protection

Mechanical parameters

• Aluminum alloy or (#316L)stainless steel body: 8~2mm
• Filmed and toughened glass: 5mm
• Operation temperature: -20°C - +50°C
• Storage temperature: -40°C - +60°C
• Net weight: 14KG (Al alloy), 34KG (Stainless Steel)
• Dimension: 354.5 x 242 x 242 mm (Hx Lx W)
• Packing Volume: 690 x 460 x 340 mm (Lx Wx H)

Laser parameters

• Electric current: Average 245mA
• Working voltage: Average 2050 mV
• Slope efficiency: Average 1.20
• Laser wavelength: 808nm ( Please see the Laser spectrogram)
• Electric working current: 2000mA
• Electric light efficiency: 8000mW max

Laser electric current- Power Consumption Specification chart

Laser electric current- Power Consumption Specification chart

Electrical parameters

• Input voltage: AC24V / DC24V (DC12V optional)
• Operation power : Max 50Watts Min 28Watts

Pan/tilt parameters

• Pan/tilt speed: Pan 0.1°~100°/s s Tilt: 0.1 ° ~ 80° /s
• Preset speed: Pan 100° /ss s Tilt : 80 ° /s
• Preset accuracy: +/- 0.03°
• Auto scan: 1°-40°/s
• Pan rotation: 360°
• Tilt rotation: 360°

The typical characteristic of Sony FCB-EX1010P Camera Module

The typical characteristic of Sony FCB-EX1010P Camera Module

The Laser spectrogram

The Laser spectrogram



A 360 degree Motion Detection Unit (MDU) and Video Analytics Module (VAM, see VAM part) are also optional for JM612-IR laser dual camera systems.The MDU includes 6~8 microwave motion detectors, and each covers the detection range up to 60~100 meters for person and 150~200 meters for vehicles, at 45~60 degree detection angle. Thus, the 360 degree area surrounding the unit is divided by 6~8 zones (see the chart), and are all under protection.

In case any microwave detector detects intruders, an alarm alert signal will be sent to camera to call-up the relative target preset movement, and at the same time, to activate the auto-tracking or motion detections based on the traditional video motion detection technology.

The above MDU system, combined together with the VAM (Video Analytics Module) system, is called DMD (DUAL MOTION DETECTION) system. (See Video Analytics Module part for more details).

There are tremendous differences between the DMD system and traditional video motion detection technology, which relies too much on the video image quality and have poor performances at night and rainy/foggy day. While DMD system is much more professional and could endure some harsh interference such as the wind, rain, fog and other flying small objects. DMD is especially ideal for low false alarm motion detections under dark and harsh conditions.

Order guide

IOP Camera module
Aluminum Alloy
Stainless Steel (316L#)
18 X Day/Night
23 X Day/Night
30 X Day/Night
35 X Day/Night
36 X Day/Night

Prefix: IP – Built-in IP module;
VAM – Built-in video analytics module