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Gilbert Le Chartier | Communication, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development
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My career started years ago where after my studies, I began to work in the banking sector in the Advertising & Public Relations fields and later in Marketing. Then switching to advertising in freelance, I came to grips with the job by starting from scratch and doing simple adverts in directories. I then explored many fields performing at times two types of jobs, Sales and Design concurrently. After a few years, I started to work as in-house Graphic Designer. This decision stirred up my desire to take over full responsibility of that field in a company. I pioneered this position in the hospitality industry and opened up successfully a design department from scratch acquiring over a seven years period a lot of experience in branding, print, web design and layout, pre-press, colour management, proofing, some web-based multimedia and lately video editing. Beginning 2012, I decided to take a step ahead and come back to the Marketing and Communication fields bringing with me the advantage of thorough experience in design.

In my portfolio, you will find solid results of my abilities. While it illustrates my experience, what it cannot communicate is my dedication to my work. My professional creed includes:

  • Pride in the quality of my work, and a willingness to personally perform even the most menial tasks to remove obstacles and get the job done
  • Long term vision on how projects should look like, share and communicate with other designers and upper management with a view to always achieve positive results
  • Excellent skills in working with and guiding others
  • Expertise in my work and eagerness to know more through research

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